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Remote Diagnostics
Field Service and Trainning 

We can deploy field service technician to your facility wherever you are at. Our technician can repair equipment and train operators, we can also provide other services that are listed below at a discount as long as they are done in the same service visit.  Please contact us at 832.953.4646 or email at for more information regarding this service.

We have the ability to connect to your machine remotely, by either remote control of a computer we send to you, or by access through a dedicated access device we permanently mount in the electrical cabinet.  Both solutions require ethernet or wifi connections at the machine. Please contact us at 832.953.4646 or email at for more information.

We have a service contact for every budget and need, please contact us for a quote. Process vary in accordance with travel costs and how many customers are in a given area. 


Please note all service contracts are available in 1 and 2 year durations


Level 1

Business Hour Phone support:

Regular business hours support.

This is free to all customer who have $1000 USD in part sales for the previous or current year. 


Level 2

Remote Diagnostics support:

Includes everything in level 1 plus:

Two occurrences of remote access up to 6 hours of remote diagnostic time per occurrence.

Access number to an extended hour’s phone support number

with 7am – 10pm phone support.


Level 3

Includes everything in level 1 & 2 plus:

One In house two day service and training visit per year.

A legacy and lifecycle evaluation of your equipment.


Level 4:

Includes everything in level 1, 2 &3 plus:

An additional service visit for a total of two per year.

Upload, commenting and backup of all machine programs. 

Free invitation to our 2 day training class in Houston, Texas.

 Our phone number is (832) 953-4646, we are open Mon - Thursday: 8:30am - 5pm, Friday: 8:30am - 2pm USA Central Time Zone. 

Service Contracts
Machine Backup and Documentation

Let Us Help Keep Your Production Lines Up And Running And Your Employees Trained...


Please view our service and support options below. We encourage you to reach out to us by phone at 832.953.4646 or email at to discuss how we can best support your needs.  

Phone Support
 Machine Lifecyle and Legacy Evaluation

In a fast changing market place many companies have found themselves in situations where documentation and backup of their equipment is lacking.  While this happens for a variety of reason from the OEM going out of business, to just poor record keeping we have the expertise to take what documentation you do have and combine that with a uploaded PLC and Operator Interface programs to create commented programs that can be easily supported and backed up. We can even create an electrical diagram for your machine if you don’t have one simply by being at the machine in person and drawing the circuits in a CAD program. 


This is a vital element to supporting equipment where the current owner does not have copies of programs or electrical diagrams. Remember a short in a controller without a backup of the program can lead to an unsupportable machine and extended downtimes at best. 

Things tend to move fast in the automation world and nowhere is that more evident than in the supportable life cycle in electrical components such as servos and PLC’s.  15 years is about the supportable life cycle on many of the control components on modern packaging equipment.  Once an items is put into legacy status it becomes more and more expensive to buy replacements for as well harder to find. Such situations often lead to extended downtime.

Call us to ask for a legacy status report on your packaging equipment to find out what on your equipment is in legacy status or maybe even no longer supportable.  Knowing where your machine is at in its life cycle can be one of the most important ways to avoid unscheduled down time in your manufacturing process.  

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